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Lighting is one of the most important elements of your home but one which is often overlooked. Good lighting is subtle and can add immensely to the quality of your home life.

Each room of your home has its own lighting potential, which can be broken down into three general categories: ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides enough light to allow you to walk through a room, to entertain during the evening or simply to sit and watch television. It is soft and unfocused. In contrast, task lighting is a very focused light source, usually directed at a surface - a kitchen counter or a desktop - giving a stronger light to enable you to perform tasks such as cooking or reading. Accent lighting is similar to task lighting in focus, but is often intended to light an object such as a painting or a piece or art - or, in the case of outdoor lighting, to highlight a garden feature such as a fountain or a stand of trees.

Atlantic Electric's in-store staff is trained to assist you in making the best lighting selections for your home and budget. Whether you are purchasing a substantial piece such as a dining room or entryway chandelier or just updating your table lamps, they can design a home lighting layout that works best for you.
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